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Rodolphus Lestrange

Recent Entries

6/23/05 06:47 am


6/19/05 10:34 pm

It seems as though the lives around me fall about as mine did, hopefully to come back together as mine does.

6/8/05 07:28 pm - PRIVATE

I fell asleep with Augustus, but he wasn't the one filling my depraved mind. It was soft curves that my hands touched, a cushioned chest that pressed against mind. And those lips, those lips that are becoming so familiar so quickly....

How can this be happening?

6/6/05 03:17 pm

[Private to Augustus]

I asked her. It was Bellatrix Black.

She sent me flowers, Augustus. She asked me to a ball.

...I'm sorry.


It was completely unexpected, but I will be attending the ball.

Hopefully the drunken revelry won't be too distracting.

6/4/05 07:10 pm - PRIVATE

Someone...put flowers in my books. When I opened my Defense books, then my Charms, they fell out onto my bed. Delicate viscaria in pinks and purples....

'Dance with me'

A Pureblood, obviously, Muggles stopped bothering with flowers....

Someone has asked me to the dance, in such a delicate way I feel as though I'd have to accept. They left no hints, though, and I'm far too surprised to begin to guess who would. I kept them in my books all day, staring at them in class, wondering.

When I first saw them for a moment I had a thrill thinking 'maybe, just maybe'...but he dislikes sentiments like these even more than he dislikes relationships, I'm sure.

6/1/05 01:25 pm - PRIVATE

This ball has stirred the beginning of an idea in my mind, one which is more complicated than I would prefer, but may eventually lead to some advantages.

Whether I can stomach such an action, though, I sincerely doubt.

I will try. In the end none of this will matter. The problem is that, in my mind, I feel as though this is wrong.

5/26/05 01:21 am

Why is it that when one is attempting to do something that they consider relaxing, others do their best to distract them?

5/11/05 02:05 am

In the interest of keeping a watch over what information goes out to the rest of the school, I have invested in one of these journals. I have also made sure that my brother has access to one, so that, if nothing else, I can at least keep track of speak to him through it.
As far as recent events, there have been none. I have recently received an owl from my uncle, expressing his desire to be alone this holiday season, and replied with a reminder that no true pureblooded students stay at school when they don't have to. He will find that more than acceptable, I am sure, and, therefore, my brother and I will be at "home" for Yule.
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