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chasing_arete's Journal

Rodolphus Lestrange
29 January
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Describe your character in five words: Smart, Prejudice, Duplicitous, Quiet, Loyal

General Personality: Rodolphus is the type of person who can seem like the perfect neighbor, the wonderful school friend, but all the while think most of the people around him are nothing more than animals, and not care a bit if they were to die a horrible death. He's polite, soft spoken, but incredibly prejudice and cold, and terribly secretive. He's also a very good listener, used to sitting through the rants of his family and the other Slytherins.

Background and Family Life: Rodolphus grew up in a proper pureblooded family, relatively content until the day his parents were killed by Muggles and he and his brother were sent off to live with their strict and particularly Dark uncle. His childhood became a series of avoiding getting cursed for doing whatever his uncle thought was wrong. He was relieved when he finally got his Hogwarts letter, and fled without a thought to the peace of Slytherin House.

Romantic/Relationship Information (ie orientation, marital status): He's anything he wants to be at the time. He's not in a relationship, but plans to be married to a pureblood woman and have a family at some point.

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(Play-by is Drew Fuller)